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Testimonial Anti acne
Emily 26
Skin concerns :acne ,acne scar,, redness,small bumps ,oily skin

I found my skin less red and oily instantly after first trial .I think the mask brought the bumps to a head so I had a bit of purging but now its a lot calmer.
I’ve never imagined that bumps could go away by itself without any extractions!I always had bumps all along ,very hard to get rid.The bumps I used to have are almost all gone after 3rd application.

It’s so interesting and amazing that mask can clear the bumps without any extractions!! I tried some extraction facials before and the bumps always returned after a few days. The facial could clear out the bumps but they always returned very quickly after that.I the power of plants are truly amazing because I had these bumps since puberty .That’s almost 10 + years of these bumps.
The bumps I used to have are almost all gone in 10days with 3rd application!!

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Théra TestimonialAdeline 46
Skin concerns : wrinkles, sagging skin, dull skin

I have used the Théra mask and what I have experienced was instant improvement of the skin smoothness. It was amazing!! The obvious wrinkles at the side of the eyes were definitely lighten and I could feel the skin tone was brighten up.
It was quite fun for me the whole process of “making my mask on my own” rather than the typical masks that I simply apply the face shaped sheet on my face. I really enjoyed the aroma which relaxed me so much.

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Théra TestimonialBrenda 53
Skin concerns : pigmented skin ,dull skin ,dry skin

I used brightening mask and exfoliation once a week for 6 weeks .The pigmentation caused by uv exposure was gone and my skin became  glowing naturally.
I noticed that my skin got more hydrated, supple and healthier after using the mask and exfoliation weekly basis.I’d like to continue to use to defy my age naturally.

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Testimonial how to use
Skin concerns :  dry skin ,dull skin

I love Théra ❤❤❤❤❤️ The moments I take Théra to my hands, I start feeling love, kindness and wisdom of both Shizuka and herbs.  Results are immediate! I see my skin brightens up, firmed and my face feels deeply rested. I usually spend reading book while I do treatment coz this is super relaxing. Thera is my self-rejuvenating luxurious time.

#Brightening mask #Brightening exfoliation