Skin safety

Read and follow the following safety guidelines for your skin safety before using the products.

Caution;The mask and exfoliation are NOT suitable for those are allergic to Asteraceae such as chamomile or any herbs since the products are 100% natural and main ingredients are organic herbs.

The list of all ingredients and  products descriptions

1 Read the instruction attached the products and follow all directions and heed all warnings.

2 If you fall into one of the following categories, please consult with us
via  Contact, FB or IG messenger .✳︎ video chat is available upon request 

3 Stop using Théra immediately when you get any of the following symptoms, and consult with a dermatologist.

4 Caution for storage


5 Skin reaction check

we recommend skin reaction check for the first time, especially for those with sensitive skin.In most of the cases, our products are safe. However, to avoid skin trouble , please do skin reaction test first.

Depending on your encounters such as your diets, climate changes or level of stress facing, Théra may suddenly becoming not suitable to your skin as it directly work with your skin and your body.

How to do skin reaction check

With instruction, make the mask by using full amount of a sachet.

skin reaction check

Apply small amount of mask on your face, perhaps near your neck area and cover it with small-size wrap and leave for 30min.

Wash off the mask with warm water. Check your skin if any allergic symptoms like redness,bumps or itchy skin appear. If no symptom appear, another 24 hours to wait to see if you are allergic to Ingredients.


✳︎The left mask should be kept in the fridge with a cling wrap to avoid from drying up. Use the mask within 24 hours after making. 

6  For those with sensitive or eczema skin