Our story

What is my philosophy towards holistic treatment?

Théra philosophy
I have always think of bringing the best results safely in the most comfortable way for our clients.
This has always been my philosophy since I have started my path as a holistic beauty therapist 16 years ago and have always used holistic natural remedies that have been around since ancient time.
Théra was born as a herbal treatment at my private salon in Japan originally, and it has evolved at OrganicsBeauty, my facial salon, where it was established in Singapore in 2014.

Have you ever experienced any amazing power of plants?

amazing power of plants
I have become a strong believer of the plant's power since I cured my skin disease and a panic disorder by myself using natural remedies such as herbs, essential oils, TCM and other holistic ways.

There was a period in my life when I caused damage to my skin. I was unable to go under the Sun due to over sensitiveness of any forms of UV rays.

I have consulted many doctors, but no one could help my skin. The more medicine I used, the worse my skin became. Literally, I was in the darkest place in my life. One day, I happened to meet the idea of TCM, then my skin started to heal gradually using natural remedies as well as some organic cosmetics. When the natural healing started to happen, simultaneously, the panic disorder also started to disappear, and I recovered fully.

I have never forgotten the day that I finally went under the Sun after 2 years of darkness, and I felt the joy within my whole body and soul.

This experience made me decide to become a holistic beauty therapist and to share the amazing power of plants to others. I have truly understood the true power of natural remedies, and they support us towards healthy living and being beautiful inside out.

Are organic products effective enough to produce the best skin result?

Skin ResultsThe answer is yes, absolutely!
Organic cosmetics tend to be considered or perceived as good products but less effective and slow in showing results.

However, I have seen a lot of fantastic results with my clients for more than 16 years and confident that organic cosmetics produce the best result.

“You have another option to be more beautiful in a safe, natural, sustainable and comfortable way other than using the instant chemical method.”

This is what I have always wanted to share with everyone, especially for those who have been disappointed with the effectiveness of repeating and trying skin care products out there by trial-and-error methods. 

Théra is - sharing the great power of plants. 

Without Théra, only maximum 100 clients per month can experience this excellent herbal therapy. I have always been feeling sorry for turning down any new clients and some might end up waiting for a long time for a treatment session or still in the queue and miss out the chance of experiencing the amazing power of plants.

If there were other therapists who can do the same therapy as myself, this plant power could possibly reach out and help out with much more people. It is my wish to share this greatness with everyone.

This is another reason why I created Théra.
great power of plants

Why is Théra so unique and effective?

Théra The quality of herbs
I have always met and talked to the suppliers directly at least once before I decide to import their herbs and essential oils because the way the plants are being treated matters a lot to me. Why?  Because they are alive.  I always feel their lives and energies.
The quality of herbs is the key to create the effective results. All the herbs and essential oils at Théra are chosen and treated carefully.
I have been pursuing my passion for natural remedies and tried to improve Théra’s formulation countless times over the 16 years and that is how I created the forumula that has the best therapeutic effect that nature holds.
I want to bring the energy of plants to you through Théra.

Now, Théra is here for you.

Théra enables you to have the same experience as you can have at the OrganicsBeauty anytime, anywhere.

After a lot of requests from our clients, my creation, Théra is finally ready for you. Every single sachet is packed with the power of plants and my spirits. I am more than grateful that I can bring a gentle yet powerful energy of plants to you through Théra.