100%natural and Organic

An artisan collection of holistic skincare products that

are made of organic herbs,flowers,essential oils,

flower remedies and crystal essences.

organic herbal cosmetics that are hand picked and hand made in Singapore

return to innocence

nothing to add, nothing to remove.

Bringing back the beauty on your skin

with the magic of ancient natural remedeis.

herbal DIY cosmetics designed to enjoy the result promising facial at home

Awaken your beauty inside

Feel the freshness herbal DIY cosmetics designed to

enjoy result promosing facial at home.

Visible improvements in a natural and comfortable way

Visible improvements in a natural and comfortable way

No clients would come back to your salon once they experience the effectiveness of Théra on their own at home.
This compliment was given by one of my oldest clients after her first experience with Théra.
I created Théra wanting to hear this exact words.

See what our real clients are saying about Théra

Théra - messages behind its name

"Terra" is sometimes referred as Earth. Théra is made on Earth!
Théra has "Thera"peutic effects!
"Te-ra-su" in Japanese means "Shine". The sound harmonize with the sound of Théra. Théra shines your own beauty.

Learn how Théra started

Believe in the magic of natural remedies.

‘Herbs do not choose their environment,
it posses a natural power to survive.
If used correctly, you can borrow its power.’

Dedicating 17 years in studying the art of natural remedies,
Shizuka took her time to perfect her recipes.
‘I only make things that I know will give results.’

Meet Shizuka, Théra founder


Tutorial video for making DIY herbal mask 


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It was amazing!! The obvious wrinkles at the side of the eyes were definitely lighten and I could feel the skin tone was brighten up.

Anti-aging mask


I’ve never imagined that bumps could go away by itself without any extractions!The bumps I used to have are almost all gone after 3rd application.

Anti acne exfolitatoin


I used brightening mask and exfoliation once a week for 6 weeks .The pigmentation caused by uv exposure  was gone and my skin became supple and glowing naturally.

Brightening mask


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