Regenerating Mask


Skin type:

Change your skin with the fresh herbal extract.

The art of blending of herbs optimize the power of plant for skin rejuvenation.
This herbal mask helps to improve your skin concerns in every aspect by boosting skin metabolism. 

Each of herb blends is formulated for promoting visible improvements for each purpose.

1.Acne care / 2.Brightening / 3.Hydrating / 4.Lift & Firm

✳︎Anti-acne for conbination skin and Anti-acne for dry sensitive skin are  mix set of brightengin blend and Anti-acne blend 


Start by sending us a message to tell us your skin concerns via contact, FB, IG messenger We recommend a suitable blend for your skin.

How to use:
This is DIY Mask.You can make your DIY exfoliation by adding 25ml of boiling water. Please see the tutorial video for more details.

Details: 100% natural & 97% certified organic.
All products are handmade and packed to every order.

We have  3 varaeties 

 4 masks :Total of 4 sachets (x 4 applications)

10 masks:Total of 10 sachets (×10 applications)

15 masks:Total of 10 sachets (×15 applications)

Beaker x 1.
Reusable silicon mask x1.
Wood stick x 1.



Each sachet is one application. Use before 6 month from the packing date.
Once each sachet is opened, it can not be reused.
No animal test  Vegan Vacuum packed

Free Singapore shipping on orders S$100+

A shipping charge of SGD 3.7 will be added to orders in Singapore below SGD 100.

*The mask and exfoliation are not suitable for those are allergic to Asteraceae such as chamomile or any herbs since the products are 100% natural and main ingredients are organic herbs.
*This exfoliation is NOT suitable for high sensitive skin, eczema skin, and any other skin dermatitis. Please consult with us via contact, FB, IG messenger
*video chat is available upon request.
*Please read Skin safety pre-cautions before purchasing.